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Dagger primarily sells whitewater kayaks, something we don't have much use for here in Florida. But they also make some solid river/spring kayaks, and a great transitional, day-trip kayak. To learn more, and see all sizes available, click on the boat images to go to its page.


Want a light-touring kayak that is tough-as-nails and comfortable? Give the Stratos a paddle. The Stratos is a nimble, day-tripping kayaking great for multiple conditions, without the worry of bumping the occasions rock outcropping or oyster bed.

Dagger Zydeco kayak

The Zydeco family belongs on moving water. This family of kayaks are perfectly suited for rivers, springs, and backwater inter-coastal waterways. They are lightweight, sit-inside kayaks that can easily be brought down to your favorite launch, and grant a fun day on the water.

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