The Adventure 14 makes a great recreational canoe. It features a resilient single-layer polyethylene construction, found in many quality kayaks, and adapts the comfortable CSS seating system found on Perception kayaks. The Adventure’s hull integrates the runners and more distinct keel features of a kayak as well, making this a nimble canoe in the water.

Mad River Adventure canoe

Length : 14’6”
Width : 37”
Weight : 75lbs
Capacity : 875lbs

Starting at: $899


The Adventure 16 makes for a great family canoe. This canoe has plenty of room for two adults and a child, with an integrated center seat. The 16ft iteration of the Adventure also features a square stern, allowing users to easily clamp on an electric trolling for an alternative form of propulsion. Note though, once you put any kind of motor on a canoe or kayak (whether gas or electric), the boat must then be registered.

Mad River Adventure canoe

Length : 16’0”
Width : 37”
Weight : 84lbs
Capacity : 950lbs

Starting at: $999