The Malibu Pedal is fantastic option for the recreational paddler looking to get into a pedal-driven kayak. The Malibu takes a hull designed for fun on the water, and marries it with the tried-and-true PDL drive found on the Old Town Predator PDL. A drive system that is tough-as-nails for avid anglers, attached as a durable rig for a kayak designed for families, day-tripping, and maybe the occasional light fishing trip. The other bonus, this kayak weighs only 80lbs when stripped down, making it a bit more manageable to get on the water and get back loaded.

Length : 12’0”
Width : 34.5”
Weight : 100lbs
Capacity : 450lbs

Starting at: $2299

Outfitting Options:

Angler Package : $80

Anchor Trolley : $50

Colors :

Ahi | Sunrise