THULE : Load Assist

This section contains a range of load assist options offered by Thule. They include the Waterslide (a simple sliding pad), the Outfigger II, and the Hullavator Pro (a hydraulic load assist).



The Waterslide is a simple load assist option which can be added to any car rack. The Waterslide is a notched pad with water-resistant cloth on top, and rubber underneath, to stay in place while you slide your boat up the back of the car. It also has a pair of velcro straps to wrap around your back cross bar.



The Hullavator Pro is hydraulic-assisted saddle to help lift your boat on top of your vehicle. The Hullavator Pro looks like a simple saddle at a glance, but it lifts out and down the side of your vehicle. This means you only have to lift your boat to chest height, strap it in, then the Hullavator Pro will assist in lifting it the rest of the way.
The Hullavator Pro has a 75lb capacity, with the saddles able to lift up to 40lbs of the boats weight.