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Bic SUP offers a variety of durable stand-up paddleboards for a variety of purposes. No matter what you want to do on the water, fishing, touring, surfing, or yoga, there is a fit available. Bic (yes, the pen company) has been making windsurfing boards for years before the paddle board craze. Through that line, they have developed the incredibly durable, yet lightweight ACE-TEC constructions, allowing paddlers boards with weights comparable to fiberglass boards, but without the worries of a composite board. To learn more, and see all sizes available, click on the board images to go to its page.


Bic SUP’s Cross series are flatwater specialists. The Cross series offers the most stability on the water, with specializations towards on the water activities that necessitate calm water stability, such as yoga and fishing. The Cross boards are thicker and wider, granting more volume, while also integrating a shallow keel into the nose, improving efficiency and glide in the water. These may be bigger boards, but they don’t feel like when you are paddling them.

BIC Sup Cross
BIC SUP : 10’ CROSS Series

The 10’ Cross is an ideal blend of stability, durability, and versatility. Its hybrid hull with integrated keel ensures better performance than the traditional flatwater board.

BIC Sup Cross
BIC SUP : 11’ CROSS Series

The great stability of the Cross series, paddlers can walk all over this board with ease. It will offer a very reassuring platform for those practicing yoga, equally so for those who want to take a cooler and fishing for hours on the flats.

BIC Sup Cross
BIC SUP : 12’ CROSS Series

Paddlers looking for the greatest stability on the water, or larger-framed paddlers looking to get into the sport, need look no further than the 12’ Cross.


The Performer Series offers paddlers a long-board inspired shape, offering stable flat water performance, while accommodating the occasional surf trip.

BIC Sup Performer

The Performer boards are stable for those who have never been on a board, while still offering good efficiency in the water. The rounded nose on these boards allow for adventures in the surf, a whole new approach of catching wave while standing up, with paddle in hand.

BIC Sup Performer

A lightweight, versatile board that will take bumps or scratches they it may encounter with use, the 11’6 Performer is reassuring on the water, without sacrificing performance, especially once you hit the surf.


Not everyone has intentions of surfing, of fishing, of practicing yoga on their board. They just want a efficient flatwater board for holding a straight-line and covering some distance. This is there the Wing series excels. These boards can best be described as recreational touring boards.

BIC Sup Wing

The Wing family offers sleek boards, with pointed noses that slice through the water and waves for greater efficiency, without cutting out too much volume to make them unstable, particular in those moments when you are just drifting.