The Thresher 140 is an open water kayak for those who always wanted a bit more out of the Tarpon. It takes many of the Tarpon’s queues, then adapts them for the sometimes savage conditions of open ocean. Extra width helps you stay upright in the swells, while innovative storage options such as the elongated hatch in the footwell, and covered tankwell in the bow, ensure that all your gear can be stowed away and safe when the water really gets churning.

Length : 14'3"

Width : 29"

Weight : 75lbs

Capacity : 400lbs

Outfitting Options:

Angler Package : $95

Rudder : $280

Anchor Trolley : $50

Colors :

Starting at: $1449

Mango | Midnight | Solar

SIMILAR FAMILIES : Prowler | Tarpon | Trident

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