The 11’ Wing is a nimble, lightweight board for the smaller-framed paddler. With its well-defined keel, this boards cuts through the waves with ease, allowing paddlers to maintain momentum. With its short length, this board can easily winding through the twists of rivers and springs, yet just as easily maintain heading in the open expanses of the inter-coastal.

BIC Sup Wing

Length : 11’0”
Width : 29”
Weight : 27lbs
Max Rider Weight: 170lbs

Starting at: $1049


The 12’6 Wing offers great efficiency in a lightweight, durable board. It strikes a nice balance of stability, particularly for those getting used to paddle boarding, while not sacrificing efficiency once you get comfortable. These boards offer a small learning curve, with a high ceiling. Offering paddlers who enjoy paddling lots of room to grow, and a board that they will not outgrow anytime soon, if at all.

BIC Sup Wing

Length : 12’6”
Width : 30”
Weight : 34lbs
Max Rider Weight: 260lbs

Starting at: $1099