We carry a wide range of canoes for every style and experience of paddler. Whether you have never touched a paddle, or been practicing for years, stop on in. If you want to play in the surf, float down a spring, traverse the Florida coast, or fish for eight hours straight, we have a fit for you. Below is an overview of all canoe companies we carry, with a brief description of solutions they offer, click on the logo to explore the brand further:


Mad River Canoe logo

Mad River has a long heritage of canoes, both in Expedition and Whitewater models. Their focus has shifted over the years, and now they offer some solid recreational and day-touring hulls. From their lineup, we stock the Adventure series regularly, a solid entry-level canoe, and stock the Serenade periodically, an incredibly versatile, composite solo canoe.

Old Town Canoe logo

Old Town Canoe began making wood canoes before the turn of the 19th century. Their long heritage and expertise has carried them through over 100 years of production and growing with technology. Though they still offer a selection of wood canvas canoes, the majority that they sell now are made from three-layer polyethylene. We stock a selection of rock-solid recreational canoes from the lineup.

Wenonah Canoe logo

Wenonah has a 50 year history of making quality canoes with nuanced designs catering each canoe to a particular set of conditions, then offering each hull in a variety of materials, allowing paddlers to craft the perfect canoe for what they want to do.