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Old Town has taken their long years of crafting canoes and turned it towards kayaks. They offer some stellar sit-on kayaks, and rock-solid sit-on fishing kayaks. This includes the world-renowned Predator PDL, which has quickly become a favorite pedal-driven kayak among anglers. To learn more, and see all sizes available, click on the boat images to go to its page.


The Dirigo family of kayaks aren’t your average recreational kayak. They offer a fit and amount of control more in line with transitional kayaks. The Dirigo is a great fit for paddlers looking for a quick, nimble kayak on the moving waters and in the backwaters.

LOON Series

The Loon family has been re-imagined a few times over the years. With its latest iteration, it is a flat-water paddling dream, and a feature-rich platform for paddlers of all experience levels. The Loon family is ideal for paddler’s looking for a comfortable, well-equipped kayak that doesn’t let flash distract from the core of a kayak, paddling experience.


The Predator is designed specifically for the kayak angler. This family of kayaks offers a rich selection of options to get on the water, whether you want to paddle, pedal, or motor to your favorite spots, the Predator family of kayaks offers a viable and industry-proven option.


The TOPWATER series offers anglers all the premium essentials a good flats fishing kayak should have: comfort, stability, versatility, storage, and efficiency on the water. This family maxes at 12ft, making it ideal for flats and backwater anglers.

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