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Ocean Kayak is the originator of the sit-on-top kayak. They have been putting out quality kayaks for a long time and offer a wide range of options. From lightweight recreational kayaks, to tandems, to fishing and/or expedition kayaks, to standup paddleboards. They even offer a reliable pedal-driven kayak, the Malibu Pedal, perfect for recreational paddlers, as a family boat, or for the weekend angler.

Top down view of Ocean Kayak Malibu 11.5 in Ahi: Blue, Teal, Lime


The Classic line does not share a common design, but a common lineage. The boats in this category are all solid recreational kayaks with features that have made Ocean Kayak a leader in the industry for 20+ years. They are simple sit-on-top kayaks that do a fantastic job of getting paddlers on the water, with each slightly geared towards a particular condition.

Top down view of Ocean Kayak Venus 10 in Cloud: Blue and white.

VENUS Series

The Venus is designed as a lightweight, affordable option for women to get on the water. The Venus is slimmed down to keep the weight low, without sacrificing features or comfort. Ocean Kayak researched extensively the most common places people reach to when trying to let a kayak on their car, and put a handle there, making this one of the easiest kayaks to load.

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Want to know more about Ocean Kayak's products? Hear from first hand experience what they excel at or how we can help you customize them to your ideal setup? Reach out and we'll be happy to help you get on the water with your first, or next, kayak!


You can call the shop during normal business hours at: 727-545-4554, or press the Contact Us button to leave us a message through our contact form. There you will also find our address and business hours, if you would rather to stop by the shop and see everything in person.

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