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Wenonah has an over 50 year history of making quality canoes with nuanced designs catering each canoe to a particular set of conditions, then offering each hull in a variety of materials, allowing paddlers to craft the perfect canoe for what they want to do. First we go through the materials Wenonah builds with, than offer general catergories of hulls to explore further.


​- T-Formex : This material is a proven replacement for Royalex. It offers durability, hull memory, and weight similar to that of Royalex. This material consists of ABS plastic layers inside and out, with an ABS foam core sandwiched in-between, integrating floatation throughout the hull. T-Formex is the most durable of materials offered by Wenonah, but also the heaviest. This material is currently only offered in a selection of hulls.

- Tuf-Weave Flex-core : Tuf-weave is Wenonah’s proprietary blend of 50% Fiberglass / 50% Polyester. Wenonah’s Tuf-weave hulls are incredibly durable for composite material, with added durability from the outer gel-coat applied. The gel-coat can be applied in a variety of colors, and with the inside of the canoe being sprayed to match. This layup is lighter than T-Formex, and available for most of Wenonah’s canoes. Tuf-weave will be the most resilient of composite layups.

- Aramid UL : This is the lightest weight hull layup Wenonah offers consistently across their lineup. This layup features a single layer of Polyaramid, reinforced with foam ribs and core, laminated in with Polyaramid in key areas to add strength. Aramid UL creates a stiff canoe hull which is responsive on the water, and incredibly lightweight to portage.

- Graphite UL : This layup is offered selectively across the Wenonah lineup, particularly with performance hulls. Graphite offers a negligible weight reduction over Aramid UL, but does create an even stiffer hull, granting hulls better efficiency and responsiveness on the water. Graphite UL canoes also have a layer of Polyaramid applied to the inside of the hull to increase resilience.


Top Down view of Wenonah Canoe Fusion in Kelvar


This section contains a collection of solo canoes offered by Wenonah. The hulls range from recreational, to day-tripping, to long expedition hulls. This is the category to check out if you are looking for quality hulls to get on the water with by yourself.

Top down view of Wenonah Canoe Kingfisher tandem in Tuf-weave


For those looking for a canoe with stability and storage as the highest priority, or for those searching for a hull which will allow them a high degree of versatility in what they want to do on the water, check out the recreational tandem category.

Top down view of Wenonah Canoe Solo Plus in Kevlar


The General Touring section contains a collection of great paddling canoe hulls. Ranging from day-touring to multiple day trips, there is a fit for every need and type of conditions you want to canoe in.

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Want to know more about Wenonah Canoes? Hear from first hand experience what they excel at or how we can help you customize them to your ideal setup? Reach out and we'll be happy to help you get on the water with your first, or next, canoe!


You can call the shop during normal business hours at: 727-545-4554, or press the Contact Us button to leave us a message through our contact form. There you will also find our address and business hours, if you would rather to stop by the shop and see everything in person.

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