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Perception strives to offer great kayaks, and an even better price. All their kayaks are built to last, offering kayaks with a long list of amenities, and a short list of headaches. Whether you are looking for your first kayak, looking for a solid, simple fishing kayak, looking for a family kayak, or an affordable pedal-driven kayak, Perception has a solution.
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Perception strives to offer quality kayaks at affordable prices, the Access family begins this by offering the most affordable kayaks under the brand, while still offering all the necessities paddlers need to be comfortable in their kayak.

CRANK Series

The Crank offers paddlers a fun, fast, and simple pedal-driven kayak at an affordable price. Its small size means its easier to transport, and ideal for backwaters or light surf, while it still offers plenty of opportunities to turn this kayak into a fishing platform.

HI LIFE Series

Interested in stand-up paddle boards, but also want to get a kayak? Now you can get two in one with the Perception Hi Life. It offers the standup stability and open deck versatility of a paddle board, with mounting tracks, seating, and storage drawn from a kayak.


This family from Perception Kayaks offers anglers an intuitive fishing platform with excellent walk-ability, storage, seating versatility, and outfitting capabilities.


Some may know the Pescador family as an earlier generation Tarpon. Others know it as a solid kayak at a great price. Whether you are a recreational paddler, or avid angler looking to get on the water affordable, with a simple, yet dependable, inexpensive, yet quality kayak, this is a family to check out. There are option for both solo and tandem needs.


Who said beach chair-style seats in a kayak had to be expensive? The Pescador Pro family is an evolution from the popular Pescador series, adding the height advantage and versatility of the new seat style sweeping the fishing kayak industry. If you are looking for an affordable kayak with quality construction and a generous feature set, check out the Pescador Pros.

Perception Kayak Pescador Pilot

The Pescador Pilot is one the most affordable pedal-driven kayaks on the market. Its understated, intuitive design makes it equally suited for recreational paddlers and anglers. If you are looking for a solid pedal kayak that won’t break your wallet, give the Pescador Pilot a look.

SOUND Series

The Sound family is all about value. These kayaks may not have the latest and greatest features, but they give you all the creature comforts you could want, around a solid, quality base. A single-piece rotomolded polyethylene hull. If you are looking for you first kayak, and are open to a sit-inside, then the Sound may be the way to go.

TRIBE Series

The Tribe family is one of our most popular kayak families. The Tribe offer a great blend of features, functionality, and no-hassle construction. There is ample deck space allocated as adaptable storage, and they are designed with one feature we have yet to find in any other kayak: they stack. We don’t mean a loose idea of stacking where they teeter back and forth, these kayaks are designed to cradling within one another (of matching lengths), making them incredible easy to store and transport.