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Hurricane is a leader in thermal-molded kayaks. This innovative plastic offers all the durability paddlers have come to expect, but with a weight more in line with a fiberglass kayak. Hurricane offers a variety of kayaks, from the recreational minded Santee (sit-in) and Skimmer (sit-on), to the day-tripping inclined with the Sojourn family.
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PRIMA Series

The Prima is Hurricane Kayak's latest lightweight, multi-sport kayak that offers the all day comfort of their first-class seating system and the sleek lines of a smooth paddling hull with plenty of storage.

Hurricane Kayaks Santee

The Santee family offers a diverse range of recreational sit-in kayaks for every style paddler, and to handle a variety of conditions and interests, whether paddling, fishing, or enjoying wildlife, the Santee offers the perfect, lightweight fit.

Hurricane Kayaks Skimmer

The Skimmer family is the lightweight, sit-on-top family we offer. They are a perfect marriage of lightweight, durable thermal-molded plastic, with stellar hull designs. They offer paddlers solid seating, quick, efficient hulls in the water, and the versatility paddler’s expect from their kayaks.

Hurricane Kayaks Sojourn

The Sojourn family is designed for those who want more speed and efficiency on the water, but want a full-on 17ft touring kayak. The Sojourn line can best be described as transitional kayaks, offering improved performance, with a sleeker hull, but without sacrificing comforts such as an adjustable backrest. Plus, Hurricane’s lightweight thermal-molded material will ensure that these kayaks are not only light, but also exceptionally durable.