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Wilderness Systems is a leader in fishing kayaks, starting with the Tarpon family, one of the first kayaks introduced to the market tailored to anglers. Below you will find an overview of all the kayak families Wilderness Systems offers, with links for a closer look at the individual models.

Top down view of Wilderness Systems Aspire in Galaxy (Lime, Sky Blue, and Black)


The Aspire is a small wonder in the kayak market. Its hull, derived from the famous Tarpon series, creates an incredibly stable sit-in kayak, that tracks like a much longer kayak thanks to the drop-down skeg it comes standard with. The Aspire family offers lightweight, stable fishing platforms, and great backwaters and river kayaks.

Top down view of Wilderness Systems ATAK 140 in Atomic (Orange, sky blue, white)

ATAK Series

ATAK stands for Advanced. Tactical. Angling. Kayak. The ATAK is catered to flats fishing. Its low-profile deck means you will never be effected by the wind, or pushed around when a gust picks up. Its open-concept hull leaves you plenty of room for gear, and its generous deck, coupled with its incredibly stable tri-hull, means anglers can stand all day without worry of tipping over.

Top down view of Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135 in Red


The Pamlico family is the go to sit-inside tandem kayak. They are smooth paddling hulls in the water, without being excessively heavy on land. The Pamlico line offers comfortable seating straight from the factory, with the versatility to allow one person to paddle this kayak with minimal hassle.

Top down view of Pungo 120 in Breeze Blue (Teal blue, light grey, and white)

PUNGO Series

The Pungo family has been a stalwart of sit-in kayaks for a long time. While the deck of the Pungo received a dramatic upgrade this year, the hull has not drastically changed in many years. It’s a hull that works, and works incredibly well. Whether you are just starting out, or been paddling for years, the Pungo is an enjoyable kayak to paddle in all conditions but open water.

Top down view of Wilderness Systems Radar 115 in Atomic (Orange, Light Blue, and Grey)

RADAR Series

The Radar family is the next evolution of Wilderness Systems’ long heritage of fishing kayaks. It draws upon the incredible stability and versatility of the Ride and ATAK series, and adds the ability to install a Pedal Drive system, the Helix PD. The one thing to remember about the Radar is that it is designed first to paddle great, then offer pedal as an option. This means in those inevitable moments when the water gets skinny and the pedals must come up, this boat won’t leave you worn out by the time you reach your favorite fishing spot from moving a boat that fits you with every stroke.

Top down view of Wilderness Systems Recon 120HD in Steel Grey

RECON Series

The Recon from Wilderness Systems is a factory-loaded fishing kayak that allows anglers a fully customizable open-platform for fishing your favorite fishing spots. It offers incredible stability, matched with their innovative new AirPro ACE seating system, and can be paired with either the Helix PD Pedal Drive, or a stern mounted trolling motor for alternative propulsions methods to paddling.

Top down view of Wilderness Systems Targa 100 in Infinite Yellow

TARGA Series

The Targa strikes the balance between comfort and stability to introduce a great day-tripping kayak for the Gulf. It features a breathable sling-style seating, a reassuringly stable hull, an integrated (and removable) cooler, and even a heel pad, for moments when you want to kick back and enjoy the moment.

Top down view of Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 in Fossil Tan (Sand)


The Tarpon is the boat that embraced kayak fishing before the idea was a passing interest. The family has evolved over the years as the market has, and consistently offers paddlers a kayak that not only is great to fish from, but also a joy to paddle without weighting a whole bunch. If standing in your kayak is not a top priority, then the Tarpon family is the place to start.

Top down view of Wilderness Systems Tsunami 125 in Eclipse (White, Grey, Red, Yellow)


The Tsunami family has been condensed and redesigned to offer paddlers an offering of stellar day-touring kayaks. The Tsunami has always been a paddler favorite transitional kayak, offering a generous performance boost over recreational hulls, without losing any of the comforts. Now, the hull has been tweaked to offer greater stability, without sacrificing sleekness, and the deck has been re-imagined with a slew of details fine-tuned to eliminate any hassle, allowing the paddler to maintain focus on enjoying the trip.

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