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Below you will find some of the essential accessories we carry for getting on the water, such as paddles, personal floatation devices (PFDs), dry storage, and fishing outfitting. The sections offer an overview of products we stock, but in many cases don't represent the complete range of products we offer, as inventory is often changing. We encourage you to stop on in and browse all we have to offer, and allow our knowledgeable staff answer any questions you may have.


Accent Angler kayak paddle with integrated measuring tape.


We carry a wide array of kayak paddles to allow paddlers the perfect choice for each circumstance. Whether you want a beater paddle that will never fail you, an incredibly lightweight paddle for week long expeditions, or something in-between, we offer a fit.

Grey Owl Scout wood canoe paddle.


We carry a variety of canoe paddles ranging from inexpensive aluminum, to durable, weight-saving wood. We carry both straight and bent shaft paddles, whichever your preference or comfort may be with.

Aquabound Freedom Stand up Paddleboard paddle. Graphite shaft with blue blade and handle.


When buying a paddle board, you have to get a good paddle to match. We offer a selection of paddles to give you both what you need, and what you want out of a paddle. We offer choices for every style paddler, and desired paddle weight.



Astral Linda PFD in Teal

You need a PFD when getting on the water. Each boat and situation has slightly different requirements, which is why we carry a variety of vests designed specifically for paddlesports. Whether you are looking for a tried-and-true foam PFD or a slim inflatable vest, we have options to help you find the perfect fit.


NRS Bilge pump, grey tube with yellow handle and padding.

Lights and whistles, both of these items are requirements on the water. A whistle is needed for every paddler on the water; often times it is best to attach the whistle right to your PFD, so both safety items are easily within reach and/or on when needed. Lights are needed when heading out early morning before sunrise, or staying out after sunset. Bilge Pumps and Leashes are the kind of safety item that paddlers don’t necessarily need, but are certainly a great idea to have, just in case.


Outfitting is traditionally thought of as fishing accessories, but it is much more. This sections contains a wide range of attachment options for kayaks, ranging from seat cushions to cup holders, rod holders to mounting tracks, paddle grips to replacement handles, and much more. These sections cover some of our most popular items, feel free to reach out or stop by our shop to peruse the full breadth of our extensive inventory.


Yakpads top and bottom gel pad

Kayak seat technology has vastly improved over the last couple decades, but no seat is perfect. Sometimes the solution is more padding, other times its best to switch out the seat completely. This section is where those options can be found, along with sun-shade outfitting options.


Yak Attack Zokka Tube rod holder mounted on a track.

Yak Attack starting as a group of guys wanting to outfit their kayak, but weren’t happy with the options available. They have since grown into an industry leader constantly working to improve kayak outfitting options and offer paddlers and anglers the highest quality accessories on the market. Yak Attack accessories are always over-engineered for their intended purpose, ensuring you will never be disappointed on the water.


Package of West Systems G/Flex Plastic Boat Repair Kit

We maintain a large inventory of replacement parts, ranging from brand new parts sourced from the factory, to used parts we have salvaged from kayaks over our 30+ years serving the greater Tampa Bay area. If there is a particular part you need, reach out to us, there is a good chance we will have it, can get it, or know how to source it.

Related to our extensive replacement parts department, we also offer a full list of rigging options for paddlers and anglers alike. This section is a selection of popular items people add to their kayaks, many of which require no drilling. This is only a sample of the many options we offer. If there is a particular item you are searching for, give us a call or come on in, we are able to find a solution for most needs.


Gecko Brand large dry box in lime green


It's no secret paddling is a wet sport, and not everything you take with you on the water can handle that, such as car keys, wallets, and cell phones. We have a variety of dry storage solutions whether you are just looking for a way to use your phone on the water, or are looking to pack for a week-long paddle down the river.


Sherpak Ceiling Hanging Pulley storage kit.

Kayaks and paddleboards are great on the water, but they can sometime be a pain to stow when not in use. These are some easy options to help you get your boat out of the way when not in use, and either hang it from the wall, or the ceiling.


This section will give an overview of the motors we carry for canoes, kayaks, and Gheenoes. This includes electric and gas motors, the gas being almost exclusively used on Gheenoes and Custom Gheenoes.


White Minn Kota Riptide saltwater electric trolling motor.

We stock electric trolling motors from Minn Kota. Their Riptide offers a solid saltwater-rated trolling motor perfect as a secondary motor for a Gheenoe, or a propulsion option on a kayak or canoe.


Yamaha 9.9hp outboard gas motor.

Yamaha has been in the motor business for a long time, and have built their name on providing reliable, efficient outboard motors to customers. Yamaha offers a wide range of sizes, including at least two motor options for every Gheenoe we sell.



Malone Clipper kayak cart. Silver with black padding and red straps.

Sometimes you have a long distance to travel with your kayak. Or maybe you own a fishing kayak that is incredibly stable on the water, but can be rather heavy on land. A kayak cart is a great solution to get the boat to the water, and save your energy for the paddle. Most of these solutions fold up and can be stowed away once you get to the water.


Kayak tied down to top of SUV with a Yakima roof rack system.

We offer a wide range of roof rack options, from the humble, versatile foam block, to the more permanent solutions such as racks from Thule, Yakima, and Malone.


Yakima Rack n Roll 66in Trailer folded up and standing up.

Some vehicles cannot accept a roof rack, or sometimes there is no easy way to load your boat onto a roof rack, this is where a trailer comes in. We sell a variety of kayak trailers, and one solid trailer for Gheenoe owners which is great to both store on, and launch from.

Have more questions? Let us know!

Looking for a particular accessory for your kayak, canoe, or paddleboard? or looking for a specific replacement part? or to do some custom outfitting to your boat? You can call the shop during normal business hours at: 727-545-4554, or press the Contact Us button to leave us a message through our contact form. There you will also find our address and business hours, if you would rather to stop by the shop and see everything in person.

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