SAFETY : Bilge Pumps | Leashes

Bilge Pumps and Leashes are the kind of safety item that paddlers don’t necessarily need, but are certainly a great idea to have, just in case.

Bilge Pumps aren’t needed for sit-on kayaks, since they self-bail through the scupper holes, but they are a great safety item for sit-inside kayaks and canoes, on the chance that you get a large wave over the side, or dump out of the boat and bring in a bunch of water, a bilge pump is an efficient way to remove large amounts of water.


Leashes are offered for a variety of uses. There are paddle leashes which can be strapped to either your PFD or boat, to make sure you never lose the paddle. There are also board leashes for stand-up paddleboarders who want to make sure they never lose their board, even if they fall off while trying a new technique or surfing.


For those times you are paddling your sit-inside kayak or canoe and take a big wave or dump a lot of water into your boat, the Harmony HV Bilge Pump is the best way to get it out. This pump is the perfect safety item to keep strapped to the deck of your kayak, just in case. It has foam padding for most of its length, helping it both float and be easy to grip, and the pump itself pulls water on both the up and down pump, wasting no motion and getting water out of your boat quickly.



The NRS Bilge Pump is a simple way to remove large amounts of water from your sit-in kayak or canoe. This simple pump is easy to use, floats, and pulls out water on each pull up. A hose can be attached to the outflow end, helping direct the water out of your pump.




The NRS Coil SUP Leash is a simple way to connect you with your paddleboard. It has swivels on either end, to keep it from snagging at any point. It utilizes a lanyard attachment point to easy connect to any rigid SUP strap down point. This coil measures 20" when relaxed, so you don’t have leash dragging behind or sprawled all over the board, but extends to 11.5ft when needed, making sure your board isn’t right on top of you if you fall in the water.


The Harmony Paddle Leash is a simple, durable, visible solution to strap your paddle to your boat or PFD. It uses a velcro wrap to strap to any style paddle, and clip on the other end to attach to any solid point to ensure your paddle stays in reach. It uses a shock cord, wrapped in blue nylon for both durability and visibility on the water.




This NRS Bungee Paddle Leash is a simple, reliable leash to keep your paddle in reach. It uses a strong shock cord to keep the cord a manageable 3ft when not stressed, but offers some give if the paddle floats away of becomes snagged on something. This paddle leash also comes with a storage bag for easy transport without worries of becoming entangled with anything else.


The SUP Leash is a comfortable option to ensure the piece of mind you will never lose your board. This leash works with a padded ankle strap to anchor you to your board, tethered with heavy-duty shock cord. The leash even has a pocket to tuck away a car or house key, so you can focus on the paddle and never have to worry about being locked out.


SAFETY : Lights | Whistles

Both of these items, whistles and lights, are requirements on the water. A whistle is needed for every paddler on the water; often times it is best to attach the whistle right to your PFD, so both safety items are easily within reach and/or on when needed.

Lights are a requirement when paddling at night. The options listed below are great stationary options that offer paddlers good versatility, and plenty of visibility at dusk. They also are easy to attach and remove without leaving large obstructions on the hull when not in use.




The Hydrostar SOS SeaStar Deluxe makes the perfect safety light every kayaker should carry. This light easily attaches with a suction cup to smooth surfaces, and offers paddlers a white light for night time paddling, a red/green for use as an auxiliary boating light, and has a strobe for emergency situations. It can also quickly clip to your PFD, if you get separated from the kayak, and the clip has an integrated whistle.


The VisiPole II is a great option for a light when out at night. This light can either attach to a track, a Mighty Mount, or drop into a flush mount rod holder. The VisiPole II consists of a fiberglass mast for stellar durability, and a LED light waterproof up to 1000ft depth. This light also comes with a orange flag for signaling during the day, before the sun descends.




The VisiCarbon Pro uses the same waterproof light of the VisiPole II, but attaches it to a breakdown carbon fiber pole for easy stow and transport when not in use. The flag that it comes with for daytime signaling, doubles as a storage bag when stowing the light. The VisiCarbon Pro can slide into a track, a Mighty Mount, or drop in a flush mount rod holder.



This is a simple whistle which satisfies Coast Guard requirements for a having a sounding device on the water. It has both a clip and lanyard attachment point to easily attach this whistle to your PFD.




This whistle is LOUD on the water. If you are ever in a situation where you needed it, this whistle is the best chance at being heard, and can offer the longest sound emission, versus an air horn which can quickly run out or expire. This whistle is a bright lime green for easy visibility and comes with a spring clip for easy attachment to any PFD.