Lightning Kayaks is founded by a small team with a long history in paddlesports. They offer feature rich pedal-driven kayaks that make a great option for paddlesports enthusiasts, nature explorers, and anglers alike.


The Kick is a 10’6” fun, functional pedal drive kayak. The Kick 106 has stability, maneuverability, and acceleration, thanks to a tri-hull design and generous rocker. The Kick 106 utilizes Lightning's Freedom Drive propulsion system. The Freedom Drive simply drops into a pair of secure drive locks, and with a push of the feet, the fins move side-to-side and propel you forward. This side-to-side movement mimics how a penguin's wings allow it to glide through the water. The recess in the hull is designed to allow the Freedom Drive's fins to tuck up and out of the way, allowing for almost zero draft in shallow water. With 7 pedal distance settings, it makes for a great family sharing option.

Length : 10’6”
Width : 33”
Weight : 77lbs
Capacity : 400lbs

Outfitting Options:

Starting at: $1599