Yamaha is the name in Power Assist Bicycles. Yamaha is the world’s first company to introduce an electrically powered bicycle to market, and have since been unceasingly innovating to offer users an easy-to-use, reliable platform for a variety of environments. Innovations such as their Triple Sensor System ensure a Yamaha Power Assist Bicycle offers precise, varied levels of Power Assist control on some of the most natural pedaling e-bikes available today. Since 1993, Yamaha has sold over 4 million drive units worldwide and 2 million e-bikes in Japan.

Yamaha’s designers put rider comfort and performance at the forefront of every Power Assist Bicycle they design. With this in mind, each model presented is specifically tailored for the environments recommended for.  Yamaha’s e-bikes strive for a rich, cohesive feature-set offering riders the greatest potential, whether you are looking to master the urban commute in Downtown St. Petersburg with the UrbanRush, or a trail with the YDX-TORC.

Each model of Yamaha Power Assist Bicycle is available in three sizes. In crafting these sizes, Yamaha utilizes balanced stack and reach dimensions, giving the rider control, power, greater comfort, and potential distance covered, no matter the frame size you ride.

All Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles provide assistance only while the rider is pedaling, and assist up to 20mph, with the exception of the newest Civante, which assists up to 28mph.

Below are the models of Yamaha Power-Assisted Bicycles we offer. Click on each image for an in-depth overview of the model. If you are interested in trying one out, or making a purchase, please give us a call (727-545-4554) or stop by the shop for our current inventory and ordering options.


The CrossCore is Yamaha’s Power Assist Bicycle ideal for the person who has a particularly long or challenging commute. The CrossCore offers the efficiency of a road bike, the ergonomic comfort of a flat handlebar, and Power Assist technology that will significantly increase your range.


The UrbanRush is designed with a foundational focus on an exciting and comfortable stoplight to stoplight ride for the urban commuter, ideal for those traveling around the St. Petersburg and Tampa downtown areas. This Power Assist Bicycle begins with a geometry and rider fit focused on balancing the often times opposing needs of an urban commuter: long-ride comfort and nimble, agile handling on tight city streets. The UrbanRush then caps it off with a well-rounded package of features, including a traditional road handlebar, for a variety of hand positions, and maximum aerodynamic efficiency while riding.


The Wabash is the ultimate terrain equalizer. This gravel/road bike is equally proficient on hard surfaces, dirt trails, and a variety of terrains. Every component on the Wabash has be geared towards offering confident stability and responsive control on sometimes unforgiving terrain, most noticeably with the custom-crafted flared road handlebar. The fact this is a Power Assist Bicycle, means you can spend even longer on your favorite trail, or explore different trails than you normally could.


The Civante is a powerful and light e-bike that will help you run at the front of the pack. It offers superb handling characteristics on city streets, and on steep, arduous hills, it excels when challenged by the start/stop nature of riding in the city.  The Civante offers great comfort and ride quality, no matter the pace, while offering a higher max assist speed of 28mph. With Yamaha’s high speed charger, you can get back on the road quickly, going from 0-80% in about an hour.


The YDX-TORC is a mountain/trail bike from the ground-up. It’s built off an all-aluminum 275 Hardtail frame Yamaha has named the “Pure Ride.” This e-bike strikes the balance of a playful, progressive feel while maintaining a stable handling characteristic for greater confidence inspiration. The integration of Yamaha’s new PW-X motor allows you greater range, and even the capability of riding to the trail.


The YDX-MORO is an all-mountain power assist bicycle. It utilizes Yamaha’s patent-pending Dual Twin™ frame, designed in perfect alignment with their powerful new PW-X2 drive unit, to offer riders a never-felt-before level of rider control and balance.



The YDX-MORO Pro is an all-mountain power assist bicycle. It utilizes Yamaha’s patent-pending Dual Twin™ frame, designed in perfect alignment with their powerful new PW-X2 drive unit, to offer riders a never-felt-before level of rider control and balance. The YDX-MORO Pro features an enhance component package to meet the demands of the most experienced mountain bike riders.

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