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Kayaking as a whole has grown tremendously since we first opened our doors, and there are now more options than ever. We aim to stock some of the best brands on the market, covering a wide range of uses.


On one end, we have lightweight, nimble kayaks that are easy to transport and ideal for spending the day exploring Florida's springs and rivers. On the other we have fishing platforms especially made with versatility in mind, and the ability to be either paddled, pedaled, or motored.

Below is an overview of the brands we carry, each of which you can explore further the breadth of their selection.

Bonafide Kayaks logo


Bonafide may be a newer kayak manufacturer, but they aren't new to the industry. This rock-solid fishing platform is brought to you from the founder of Yak Attack, meaning you get a kayak that is engineered to withstand anything the water may through at it, and offer anglers a tremendous feature set and breadth of versatility.

Current Designs kayaks logo


Current Designs has been producing solid touring kayaks for years. They're mainly known for their composite kayaks, producing lightweight fiberglass and Kevlar kayaks in styles ranging recreational, transitional, and touring. They also produce a moderate selection of rotomolded polyethylene kayaks for a range of fits.

Dagger Kayaks logo


Dagger primarily sells whitewater kayaks, something we don't have much use for here in Florida. But they also make some solid river/spring kayaks, and a great transitional, day-trip kayak.

Hurricane Kayaks logo


Hurricane is a leader in thermal-molded kayaks. This innovative plastic offers all the durability paddlers have come to expect, but with a weight more in line with a fiberglass kayak. Hurricane offers a variety of kayaks, from the recreational minded Santee (sit-in) and Skimmer (sit-on), to the day-tripping inclined with the Sojourn family.

Lightning Kayaks logo


Lightning Kayaks was founded by a small team with a long history in paddlesports. They offer a lineup of feature-rich pedal-driven kayaks that make great boats for paddlers and anglers alike.

Liquidlogic Kayaks logo


Liquid Logic offers a range of fun, comfortable kayaks for everyone from the beginner, the paddle enthusiast, or anglers. Their boats offer a range of useful features and comforts making for boats that are easy to get out on the water with, but offer the versatility of customization down the road.

Ocean Kayak logo


Ocean Kayak is the originator of the sit-on-top kayak. They have been putting out quality kayaks for a long time and offer a wide range of options. From lightweight recreational kayaks, to tandems, to fishing and/or expedition kayaks, to standup paddleboards. They even offer a solid pedal-driven kayak, the Malibu Pedal, perfect for recreational paddlers and as a family boat.

Old Town Kayaks logo


Old Town has taken their long years of crafting canoes and turned it towards kayaks. They offer some stellar sit-on kayaks, and rock-solid sit-on fishing kayaks. This includes the world-renowned Predator PDL, which has quickly become a favorite pedal-driven kayak among anglers.

Perception Kayaks logo


Perception strives to offer great kayaks, and an even better price. All their kayaks are built to last, offering kayaks with a long list of amenities, and a short list of headaches. Whether you are looking for your first kayak, looking for a solid, simple fishing kayak, looking for a family kayak, or an affordable pedal-driven kayak, Perception has a solution.

Wilderness Systems logo


Wilderness Systems is a leader in fishing kayaks, partly since they were one of the first pioneers of the fishing kayak industry. They offer a great selection of kayaks for every type of paddler, with a large selection particularly tailored to anglers. Whether you want a low-resistance kayak on the flats, an open-water beast, or a jack-of-all-trades rig, Wilderness has a solution. They even offer integrated motor and pedal drive solutions.

Have more questions? Let us know!

Want to know more about kayaks? Hear from first hand experience what they excel at or how we can help you customize them to your ideal setup? Reach out and we'll be happy to help you get on the water with your first, or next, kayak!


You can call the shop during normal business hours at: 727-545-4554, or press the Contact Us button to leave us a message through our contact form. There you will also find our address and business hours, if you would rather to stop by the shop and see everything in person.

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