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We maintain a large inventory of replacement parts, ranging from brand new parts sourced from the factory, to used parts we have salvaged from kayaks over our 30+ years serving the greater Tampa Bay area. Here you will find a small selection of the most common items customer search for, but if there is a particular part you need, reach out to us, there is a good chance we will have it, can get it, or know how to source it.

Harmony kayak replacement handle, nylon and rubber



These handles are direct replacements for most Perception, Mad River, and Wilderness Systems kayaks, and many other brands who use the same handle. They come in two styles, a regular style typically on the bow/stern of kayaks, and a bungee style with integrated paddle holder typically found on Wilderness Systems kayaks.

$9.98 | $14.98



Harmony Toggle Handles can works as a direct replacement for any kayak which has a broken toggle handle. These are simple to install, utilizing a rope tied in a knot inside the handle to easy attach and stay in place.


Ocean Kayak side handle, nylon and rubber



Ocean Kayak has been using this style side handle for a long time, and is a direct replacement for a broken side handle you may have. These can either be riveted on or screwed on, depending on the boat. These can also be used to replace any kayak with handles utilizing two attachment holes per side.


G/Flex Plastic Boat Repair kit



G-Flex is a wonderful epoxy for the kayaking industry, being the only epoxy solution available that will bond to polyethylene. This two-part epoxy is a simple one-to-one mix, and can be used to repair mild damage to polyethylene kayaks, such as a worn down keel or small hole.



Related to our extensive replacement parts department, we also offer a full list of rigging options for paddlers and anglers alike. Below is a selection of popular items people add to their kayaks, many of which require no drilling. This is only a sample of the many options we offer. If there is a particular item you are searching for, give us a call or come on in, we are able to find a solution for most needs.



These plugs can be used on the majority of Perception and Wilderness Systems kayaks, as they all use a standard size. The Harmony Scupper Plug is for those times you want to keep the water out of your sit-on-top kayak, often times for winter paddling in cooler water.

Grey Harmony scupper plug


Ocean Kayak Scupper Plug - medium, blue
Ocean Kayak Scupper Plug - Yellow, small
Ocean Kayak Scupper Plug - large, red
Ocean Kayak Scupper Valve - medium, grey with lime center
Ocean Kayak Scupper Plug - Green, x-small



These plugs cover a range of Ocean Kayak and Old Town kayaks. They come in four different sizes (XS, S, M, L) which are color-coded (respectively: Green, Yellow, Blue, Red), since Ocean Kayak boats have a range of scupper hole sizes.


Ocean Kayak also offers Scupper Valves, which are close in size to the Medium scupper plug. The Valves will allow water to drain, but block any water from coming up through the scupper hole. The Old Town Predator lineup comes standard with these.


Have more questions? Let us know!

Have more questions about the rigging accessories, or other items we stock and/or can order? You can call the shop during normal business hours at: 727-545-4554, or press the Contact Us button to leave us a message through our contact form. There you will also find our address and business hours, if you would rather to stop by the shop and see everything in person.

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