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Kayak seat technology has vastly improved over the last couple decades, but no seat is perfect. Sometimes the solution is more padding, other times its best to switch out the seat completely. This section is where those options can be found.


We offer a variety of gel and foam padding solutions to offer paddler’s the most comfortable fit for their particular need, no matter how long their trip may be, or what style kayak seat they own.


We also offer replacement seats for any kayak that comes from the factory with a clip-in style seat. These seats offer comforts many factory seats don’t, such as thick foam padding, higher backs, lumbar support, and fishing attachments.


Lastly, we offer padding solutions related to the paddle. There are a couple different approaches to this, you can wear paddling gloves, or attach gel pads to your paddle, either way giving more cushion between you at the paddle to reduce fatigue and help prevent blisters over longer paddles.

Blue foam pad with Canoe Country Outfitters logo screenprinted in white



This simple foam pad is an easy way to add comfort to your kayak. It can be placed on top of any kayak or canoe seat, or even placed on top of a cooler when sitting on a paddleboard.


Black YakPad gel pad with grey logo.



The Yakpads Paddle Saddle is a great option for paddlers looking for additional comfort out of any kayak seat. The Paddle Saddles utilizes elastomer gel-filled padding with a permanent memory, meaning there are no pressure points. Its Lycra-faced/neoprene seating surface ensures comfort even on extended trips, and its textured bottom makes certain the pad never slides out of place. It also includes hardware to permanent attach the Paddle Saddle to your seat, but it certainly isn’t a necessity.




The Yakpad Paddle Saddle High Back is perfect for the paddle who wants gel cushion both on the bottom and back of their seat. This pad has gel in both sides, with a neoprene front and non-skid underside to keep in place, in addition to a strap to wrap over your kayak’s backrest and secure the pad.

Yakpads High Back gel pad with top and bottom padding.


Black Harmony clip-in kayak seat



The Harmony Standard Clip-in is a basic, inexpensive seat great for adding back support to a kayak that has none. Whether you misplaced your seat, or never had one, this seat can be supplemented in most instances, and at worst, only requires the installation of four inchworms (clip in points).


Low Back clip-in kayak seating attached to kayak.



The Watersports Warehouse Low Back offers paddles a versatile upgrade to many factory clip-in seats. It has a thick foam bottom for additional cushion, and fiberglass stiffening rods to offer stellar back support for a clip-in seat. This back is a great all-around height for recreational kayaks, offer solid lower back support, without any worries of the back effecting paddling stroke.


High Back clip in seat attached to yellow kayak.



The High Back offers the same comforts of the low back, such as thick foam padding, and fiberglass stiffened back, but with a higher back portion, offering fuller back support. This is ideal for paddlers who like to lean back and coast for portions of the paddle, and want solid support behind them.


Watersports Warehouse half-finger gloves, blue and black



Light-weight, mesh and neoprene gloves with open fingers for dexterity and full thumb for maximum blister protection. The Amara palm is very durable and grips well when wet. Reinforced thumb. Mesh back. These gloves are a great option for protecting your hands when you don't want to, or can't, add grips to your paddle.


Yakgrips in an array of colors, one shown on a paddle.



Yakgrips are a surefire way to add padding to any kayak paddle. These grips come in a variety of colors, and can be attached to any two-piece kayak paddle. They have a rubber inner liner, ensuring they stay in place once you get them where you want them.





These covers from Adventure Canopies are a great way to beat

the sun on Florida summer days on the water. They offer UPF50+ protection, are easily removable, come with a storage bag, and can be installed on a wide variety of kayaks, including sit-insides and sit-on-tops, fishing or recreational.


Have more questions? Let us know!

Have more questions on how to make your kayak or canoe more comfortable? You can call the shop during normal business hours at: 727-545-4554, or press the Contact Us button to leave us a message through our contact form. There you will also find our address and business hours, if you would rather to stop by the shop and see everything in person.

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