Paddling is a wet sport, and not everything you take with you on the water can handle that, such as car keys, wallets, and cell phones. We have a variety of dry storage solutions whether you are just looking for a way to use your phone on the water, or are looking to pack for a week-long paddle down the river. Click on the accessory item to explore further.



Seal Line has a long history of keeping gear dry. These American made dry bags are a great option for dry storage, whether on a day paddle or a week long expedition, there is a dry bag to fit the situation.



Seattle Sports offers a wide variety of accessories for paddlers, including some innovative solutions for kayakers. These include some affordable, solid phone solutions, which allow you to use your phone on the water without having to worry about it getting wet, and some creative deck bags.



S3 offers affordable dry boxes which offer rock solid protection on the water. These cases are available in a variety of sizes, and are perfect for keeping your phone, keys, camera, and any other valuables you take with you on the water completely dry and in a floating container.