We carry a variety of canoe paddles ranging from inexpensive aluminum, to durable, weight-saving wood. We carry both straight and bent shaft paddles, whichever your preference or comfort may be with.


The BB Special is a great flat-water cruising paddle. This paddle is lightweight, yet durable, especially with the integrated Rockgard on the tip of the blade. This paddle is also a bent shaft, offering paddlers greater efficiency and less wasted movements with a more ergonomic design. These paddles are hand-built in Osceola, Winconsin.

Blade Surface Area : 118 sq. in.
Paddle Weight : 22oz
Sizes : 48" | 50" | 52" | 54" | 56"



This canoe paddle from Cannon is old faithful. These paddles will last you near forever. A simple aluminum shaft, with plastic blade and handle. Whether these are the everyday beater, of the second, backup set of paddles in your boat, you can’t got wrong, especially at this price.

Blade Surface Area : 120 sq. in.
Paddle Weight : 28oz
Sizes : 54" | 57"



Foxworx offers wooden canoe paddles which embrace modern technology and innovation. Through a well-researched blend of woods, composites, and epoxy, the Foxworx Bent Shaft offers paddlers a canoe paddle which feels great in hand, is incredibly lightweight for a low-swing weight, surprisingly durable with an integrated edge guard, and even incorporates a touch of flex to loosen impact on your joints.

Paddle Weight : 19oz
Sizes : 48" | 49" | 50" | 51" | 52"



The Owlet is a great starter paddle for kids getting into the sport. Its lightweight and durable, allowing them to focus on the fun of the sport and getting the basics down.

Blade Surface Area : 60 sq. in.
Paddle Weight : 13oz
Sizes : 36" | 42"



The Scout from Grey Owl is a solid straight shaft canoe paddle. It makes a great paddle for those starting out, looking for classic and lighter weight alternative to the standard aluminum|plastic paddle. While lighter, these paddles are no less durable and a joy to use.

Blade Surface Area : 115 sq. in.
Paddle Weight : 19oz
Sizes : 51" | 54" | 57"



The Sprite is a simple bent shaft paddle built to last. The bent shaft offers paddlers a more ergonomic stroke, lessening fatigue over longer trips. While the edge guard ensures you don’t have to worry about bumping it every once in a while. The wood construction furthers the durability while keeping the weight low.

Blade Surface Area : 105 sq. in.
Paddle Weight : 20oz
Sizes : 48" | 50" | 52"