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Thule has a long history of making carry solutions for a variety of sports. They offer a great selection of kayak/canoe carry options, versatile roof rack options, and a stellar truck bed rack.

What follows is a general overview of the paddling related products offered by Thule. While the cradles and load assist options are often fairly universal, the base roof racks systems are built for specific vehicles and use cases.

When looking to attach a roof rack to your vehicle, contact us or stop in and our knowledgeable staff will help you find exactly what you need to get your boats and boards to and from the water.


Thule offers roof rack solutions for a wide variety of vehicles. To achieve that, they have created a range of rack systems which utilize different strategies to securely attach the rack, and your boat, to your vehicle's roof or truck bed.

For vehicles with factory raised side rails, the Evo Raised Rails system utilizes those side rails to attach the base rack. The Podium base is used in conjunction with a Fit Kit to attach to fixed attachment points some vehicles have from the factory. The Evo Clamp base is used in conjunction with a Fit Kit to clamp into the door frame on many vehicles that have bare roofs. All of these systems can utilize Thule’s standard Squarebar, or an aerodynamic bar like the Wingbar Evo, for a quieter ride. Both of these bars are offered in a range of sizes.

Since every vehicle calls for a different solution, we ask that when considering purchasing a roof rack for your vehicle you give us a call (727-545-4554) or stop in the shop to allow our knowledgeable to staff to help find the correct fit for both your vehicle and your needs.

What follows is Thule's solution for a truck bed rack, then a variety of cradles and load assist solutions that can be mounted to your Thule roof rack or, in many case, your vehicle’s factory roof rack.

Thule Evo Raised Rail foot
Thule Wingbar Evo in black, aerodynamic bar
Thule square bar
Thule Fit Kit clip and pad
Thule Xsporter Pro truck rack on bed of pickup



The Xsporter is a rock solid truck rack which mounts to the rails of truck beds. This rack is constructed with powder-coated aluminum, offers fully adjustable height, comes with locks, and utilizes quiet, streamline bars. While perfect for moving any board, kayak, or canoe you want to get to the water, the Xsporter offers much more versatility, and strapping options for anything you may need to move with your truck.
The Xsporter has a 450lb capacity.

*When putting the Xsporter on certain Nissan and Toyota trucks with bed track systems, you will need to purchase an adapter to integrate them into the tracks.



Thule offers paddlers reliable saddles and cradle systems to attach their boats and boards to their rack. Most of these cradles come with universal mounting options, allowing them to be used on most racks, not only Thule’s roof rack systems.

Thule DockGlide set of four saddles



The DockGlide offers paddlers a versatile saddle system that can be adjust to perfectly fit your kayaks particular hull, and offer an effective load assist in sliding your boat from the back of your vehicle. It has two felt topped saddles on the back for easy sliding, and rubber coated arms in the front to prevent shifting once strapped down.

The DockGlide comes with all the straps you need to make sure your kayak stays in place.

It is rated for 75lbs, and kayaks up to 36" wide.


Thule SUP Taxi XT Cradle for paddleboards



The SUP Taxi XT is a secure way to attach your paddleboards to your roof. It can carry up to two boards, and uses a two-leveled locking system to make sure your boards stay where you strapped them. It comes with universal mounts, so it can be attached to most Thule, Yakima, and factory racks.

The SUP Taxi comes with all the straps you need to make sure your kayak stays in place.

It is rated for 55lbs, and boards up to 36" wide.



This section contains the most popular load assist options offered by Thule. They include the Waterslide (a simple sliding pad) and the Hullavator Pro (a hydraulic load assist).

Thule WaterSlide load assist pad partially rolled up



The Waterslide is a simple load assist option which can be added to any car rack. The Waterslide is a notched pad with water-resistant cloth on top, and rubber underneath, to stay in place while you slide your boat up the back of the car. It also has a pair of velcro straps to wrap around your back cross bar.


Thule Hullvator kayak cradle



The Hullavator Pro is hydraulic-assisted saddle to help lift your boat on top of your vehicle. The Hullavator Pro looks like a simple saddle at a glance, but it lifts out and down the side of your vehicle. This means you only have to lift your boat to chest height, strap it in, then the Hullavator Pro will assist in lifting it the rest of the way.

The Hullavator Pro has a 75lb capacity, with the saddles able to lift up to 40lbs of the boats weight.


Have more questions? Let us know!

Have more questions about putting a roof rack on your vehicles? You can call the shop during normal business hours at: 727-545-4554, or press the Contact Us button to leave us a message through our contact form. There you will also find our address and business hours, if you would rather to stop by the shop and see everything in person.

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