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Top down view of Current Designs Squall GTS in red.



The Squall GTS is a slightly trimmed down rotomolded iteration of the Solstice GTS, a very popular hull for Current Designs. Like the Solstice GTS, the Squall GTS is a North American style hull which comes standard with a rudder. These boats were designed to be at home with inland waterways, and even the rough waters of the Great Lakes, making these kayaks ideal for the inter-coastal and coastal waterways in Florida. While slightly heavier than the Fiberglass Solstice GTS, the Squall GTS’s polyethylene construction will ensure it will take any normal abuse you’ll encounter.

Length : 16’0”
Width : 22”
Weight : 53lbs

Capacity : 350lbs

Starting at: $1899

Top down view of Squall GT in Mango.



Like the Squall GTS, the Squall GT is a pared down, polyethylene iteration of the Solstice GT. This offers paddlers a versatile hull great in a range of conditions, with a wide range of paddlers. This boat is arguable one of the more forgiving sea kayaks, and a great option for those looking to get into the sport.

Length : 16’0”
Width : 24”
Weight : 59lbs

Capacity : 350lbs

Starting at: $1899

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