Yakima has been offering rack solutions for years, evolving with technology and the needs of paddlers. They offer a wide variety of solutions for outdoor activities.


What follows is a general overview of the paddling related products offered by Yakima. While the cradles are often fairly universal, the base roof racks are built specifically for each vehicle and case.


When looking to attach a roof rack to your vehicle, contact us or stop in and our knowledgeable staff will help you find exactly what you need to get your boats and boards to and from the water

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YAKIMA : Base Rack Components


Here is where you will find the components to build a base roof rack for many vehicles. Some vehicles with side rails only need Timberlines and bars. Others need a set of towers, clips/pads, and bars. Each vehicle is a particular fit, with all the details and specifics already figured out by the engineers at Yakima.

YAKIMA : Load Assist


This section contains a collection of load-assist options offered by Yakima. This includes the simple Boatloader, the rolling Showboat, and the side-lifting ShowDown.

YAKIMA : Cradles  


Yakima offers paddlers reliable cradles to attach their boats and boards to their rack. Most of these cradles come with universal mounting options, allowing them to be used on most racks, not only Yakima’s roof rack systems.