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Yakima has been offering rack solutions for years, evolving with technology and the needs of paddlers. They offer a wide variety of solutions for outdoor activities.


What follows is a general overview of the paddling related products offered by Yakima we carry. While the cradles are often fairly universal, the base roof racks are built specifically for each vehicle and case.


When looking to attach a roof rack to your vehicle, contact us or stop in and our knowledgeable staff will help you find exactly what you need to get your boats and boards to and from the water.


Yakima offers roof rack solutions for a wide variety of vehicles. To achieve that, they have created a range of rack systems which utilize different strategies to securely attach the rack, and your boat, to your vehicle roof or truck bed.

For vehicles with factory raised side rails, the Timberline system utilizes those side rails to attach the base rack. The Ridgeline system works with a RidgeClip to clamp onto flush factory side rails that have no gap underneath them. The Skyline system is used in conjunction with Landing Pads to attach to fixed attachment points some vehicles have from the factory. The Baseline system is used in conjunction with a BaseClip to clamp into the door frame on many vehicles that have bare roofs. All of these systems can utilize Yakima’s standard Round bars, or an aerodynamic bar like the Corebar or Jetstream bars, for a quieter ride. All these bars are offered in a range of sizes.

Since every vehicle calls for a different solution, we ask that when considering purchasing a roof rack for your vehicle you give us a call (727-545-4554) or stop in the shop to allow our knowledgeable to staff to help find the correct fit for both your vehicle and your needs.

What follows are Yakima's truck bed rack solutions, then a variety of cradles and load assist solutions that can be mounted to your Yakima roof rack or, in many cases, your vehicle’s factory roof rack.

Yakima Baseline tower
Yakima Timberline tower
Yakima BaseClip kit
Yakima Landing Pad kit
Yakima Round Bar
Yakima CoreBar, aerodynamic bar
Yakima Jetstream Bar, lightweight aerodynamic bar
Yakima Outdoorsman truck bed rack on bed of Ford F150



The Outdoorsman 300 are towers designed to attach to the bed rails of trucks. They are sold as pairs, granting the option to use one pair of towers on the truck bed in conjunction with one pair on the cab, or both bars strapped to the truck bed.

Bars are sold separately, only works with Round Bars. Sold in two sizes, Compact and Full Size.

Starting at: $239

Yakima Overhaul HD truck bed rack on bed of Tacoma



For weekend adventures and hardworking weekdays, the OverHaul HD adjustable truck rack brings best-in-class payload and versatility. Leveraging Yakima’s HD Bars for a 500lb on-road carrying capacity, paired with 300lb off-road rating, the OverHaul is the ideal foundation for heavy loads. And it’s easy to customize. The crossbar height can be adjusted 19-30 inches to suit your needs; way up, for long loads to go over the cab; down low to get the rack and load down out of the wind; and the infinite number of positions in between. The system is easy to take on and off the truck in minutes, with the QuickChange rack attachment, so the trucks only racked up when needed. The OverHaul HD fits all HD crossbar sizes and accepts SideBars for attaching off-road and utility accessories. Multiple tie-down points and the ability to fit most truck beds with the heavy duty BedGrip clamp design—including select tonneau covers—make this an ultra-functional rack that works and plays hard.

*For install on truck beds with tracks, namely Toyota's and Nissan's, a track kit will also be needed to integrate the rack into the existing track system.

Starting at: $1,219


Yakima offers paddlers reliable cradles to attach their boats and boards to their rack. Most of these cradles come with universal mounting options, allowing them to be used on most racks, not only Yakima’s roof rack systems.

Yakima Jaylow j-cradles and straps



The Jaylow is a versatile J-Saddle solution. It offers a solid J-saddle when carrying one boat, but also can be stood straight, and used as a stacker, carrying one boat on each side. It also folds down when not in use, avoiding most clearance issues. The Jaylow uses a universal attachment system which can wrap around most racks, and can also be locked in place.The Jaylow systems comes with all the straps you need to properly secure your kayak.

It requires a minimum 24" spread, and capacity maxes out at 80lbs.


Yakima Bowdown j-cradle



The Bowdown offers a heavy-duty J-Saddle that is most likely overdoing it in most situations. It is well padded, and folds down when not in used, and utilizes an extremely versatile attachment system, fitting almost every rack on the market, and offering the ability to lock it in as well.The Bowdown systems comes with all the straps you need to properly secure your kayak.

It requires a minimum 24" spread, and capacity maxes out at 80lbs.


Yakima Sweetroll saddle system and straps



The Sweetroll is a four-piece saddle system which offers easy loading, and versatile fit. The saddles can be adjusted particularly for your kayak’s hull, ensuring a secure fit. The back saddles incorporate wheels, making it easy, and convenient to slide your kayak right up the back of your vehicle and onto the rack.The Sweetroll systems comes with all the straps you need to properly secure your kayak.

It requires a minimum 24" spread, and capacity maxes out at 80lbs.


Yakima SUPPUP paddleboard cradles



The SUPPup is a simple board saddle, offering an easy way to attach two stand-up paddleboards to almost any rack. The SUPpup is designed with straps conveniently built in, and can carry up to two boards.

It can carry boards up to 36" wide, and must be placed with at least a 24" spread.


Yakima SUPDAWG paddleboard cradles and straps



The SUPDawg is a premium stand-up paddleboard carrying option. It can mount to just about any roof rack, carries up to two boards, has built-in straps, and an integrated locking system. The straps are a nylon-wrapped steel braid, which locks down to the tower when snugged, ensuring your boards stay in place and on your vehicle.

The SUPDawg can carry boards up to 36" wide, and must be installed with a minimum of 24" spread.



This section contains our most popular load-assist option offered by Yakima, the Showdown.

Yakima Showdown load assist cradles



While the Showboat handles loading from the back, the ShowDown handles loading from the side of your vehicle. This saddle system drops down the side of your vehicle, meaning you only have to lift your boat half of the way up, strap it in, then allow the ShowDown to aid in lifting it the rest of the way.

The Showdown is rated for up to 80lbs, and assists by carrying up to 45% of the boat's weight.


Have more questions? Let us know!

Have more questions about putting a roof rack on your vehicle? You can call the shop during normal business hours at: 727-545-4554, or press the Contact Us button to leave us a message through our contact form. There you will also find our address and business hours, if you would rather to stop by the shop and see everything in person.

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