YAK ATTACK : GearTrac / FullBack

 The Yak Attack GearTrac is the perfect way to increase the versatility of any kayak. The GearTrac comes in sizes ranging from 4" to 16", and with both top-load and center-bolt configurations. They allow paddlers to attach a wide range of options to their kayak, adaptable to the conditions and intentions for the day, without having a bunch of mounts in the way when you just want to paddle.



The GT175 size of the GearTrac offers angler a strong, durable surface mount track for any number of accessories. These tracks have screws on both sides, giving them a firm hold for accessories such as rod holders with a baited line waiting for a strike. These GearTracs are also Yak Attacks latest iteration, making them Top Load. This means you no longer have to attach accessories by sliding them in from one end, they can be dropped in at any point on the track, making them even more versatile.

The GT175 can be purchased in the follow sizes: 4" / 8" / 12" / 16"

Starting at:  $20 ($25 / $30 / $35)



The GT90 GearTracs are center-mount, giving them a smaller footprint and a better fit for certain kayaks which are lacking many flat spots for rigging. These GearTracs are also top-load, allow for easy drop in of any accessory on any place in the track. For rod holders and other accessories which may put decent force on the track, the GT90 should be installed with a FullBack, a backing plate which will strengthen the track tremendously.

The GT90 can be purchased in the follow sizes: 4" / 8" / 12" / 16"

Starting at:  $15 ($20 / $25 / $30)



The FullBacks are meant to be used with the GTTL90 GearTracs, and are sold in sizes to match those offered by the GTTL90. The use of a FullBack is suggested when using the GTTL90 for mounting rod holders or any other accessories whose operation will put a decent amount of force on the track. The FullBack will give something solid to bolt into and immensely strengthen the track’s mounting.

The FullBack is offered to work in conjunction with the following GTTL90 GearTrac sizes: 4" / 8" / 12" / 16"

Starting at:  $10 ($15 / $20 / $25)