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Kayak Spotlight : Pescador Pro 10

The Pescador Pro is a new series offered by Perception Kayaks. The Pro series serves as an update to the existing Pescador hull, incorporating some popular innovations which have become infused with the idea of a fishing kayak.

The first thing paddlers will notice about this kayak is the seat. Gone is the trusty built-in padded backrest, replaced by a beach-chair style seat. This style seat can be found on some of the most popular fishing kayaks available now, designed to offer comfort for fisherman on the water all day. Some of the merits to this seat are its quick-dry, never-sitting-in-water design, adjustable height positioning, its ability to be removed and used on the shore, and the fact that you will never be sitting on plastic, allowing for hammock like comfort.

To accommodate this seat, the hull of the Pro series has been tweaked. The Pescador Pro, while maintaining the same concepts of the original, is wider. This offers better stability for both general purposes, and for the different height adjustments of the seat. This may not be a boat everyone could stand in, but there are a few nimble paddlers out there who will be able to hop up and perfect their sight-casting.

Even being a budget kayak, the Pescador Pro does not lack for features. In addition to the huge seat upgrade, the boat also features bow and stern tankwells, a small storage bin, plenty of molded areas for buckets and tackle boxes to drop in, and (best of all) sunk-in tracks for hassle-free outfitting from Yak Attack. The track system allows anglers to adjust their setup on-the-fly, and offers the capabilities to tweak it for whichever species they are targeting on a given day.

The Pescador Pro 10’ is poised as a simple update to the popular Pescador hull, but in reality it presents a completely new paddling and fishing experience. It maintains a budget-friendly price, while offering many higher-end features. While certain features are tailored towards fisherman, this boat is by no means exclusive to one; it makes a perfect recreational boat for prospective paddlers looking for a comfortable, stable kayak.

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