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Paddlesports Flea Market

We want to facilitate a new type of paddlesports event, a flea market. We pride ourselves in having a wide variety of parts available for our customers, but we don't have everything. Some people see our pile of parts and see junk, others see the perfect replacement piece they have been in need of for years. The same can be said by many paddlesports enthusiasts in our area. Boats or parts that you haven't had need of in years may be the gold at the end of a long search for another. In that spirit, come on down this Saturday, September 8th, from 9am-5pm, as not only will we, but many of our customers will be bringing their old/used canoe/kayaks and gear, making it available for a bargain for those on the hunt. This is a free event, and we will be offering up hot dogs and cold drinks to anyone who stops by as we celebrate this great sport, share some stories, and find new gear!

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