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The Tarpon 100 from Wilderness Systems

Top down view of the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100.

The Tarpon 100 has been a longtime favorite at the shop. It offers paddlers of all experience levels a compact, feature-rich platform ideally suited for a wide variety of waterways around Florida. The Tarpon 100’s short length makes it highly-maneuverable in the winding trails of inland rivers and springs around the state, such as the popular Three Sisters Springs and Weeki Wachee. Its size also makes an easier portage to many of those tucked away launch spots. That doesn’t mean the Tarpon 100 can’t handle intercostal waterways, or even a paddle up the coast on a calm day though. This 10ft platform opens up a wide variety of trip options, with a maneuverable size both on and off the water.

Wilderness Tarpon 100 and 120 paddling on the flats.

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to think the Tarpon 100 is missing some key features to shrink down the platform to this smaller size, but that would be a mistake. Besides having a slightly smaller bow hatch, the Tarpon 100 is setup almost identical to its larger siblings. It still offers paddlers a roomy seating area, with padded, adjustable foot braces and Wilderness’ patented Phase 3 Seating system, offering plenty of adjustments to dial in a great fit, and ample support for longer days on the water. For those looking to fish while paddling, the Tarpon offers great versatility. Its integrated track system means you can attach and swap out an exhaustive list of accessories for any setup. It also has mounting spots in front of you, places for flush mount rod holders in the back, a storage hatch in front of the seat, and a pair of deck storage spots for quick access to your most frequently needed gear. The Tarpon rounds it out with a tank well in the back for additional storage of a bait well or small cooler.

Tarpon 100 on the showroom floor.

If you are in the market for a kayak, or looking to upgrade the one you have, give us a call, or stop by the shop, and let us help you find the perfect fit with our over 30 years experience. The Tarpon 100 is a great place to start. If you are interested in this model, also ask about our free on the water demos, allowing you to try before you buy, making certain you land on the right kayak.

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