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Bic SUP Wing

Stand-up Paddle-boards offer a unique way to get on the water, one based upon simplicity, and the Bic SUP Wing is a perfect embodiment of this idea. The Wing starts off with Bic’s patented ACE-TEC construction. With a foam-core and vinyl shell, an ACE-TEC board bridges the gaps between durability and light weight, versatility and performance. The outer shell means there are no concerns of de-lamination, or worry over the occasional scrape. The fiberglass-wrapped foam-core means that this board still offers a considerable amount of stiffness, and thus performance, in the water. Speaking of performance, the Wing blurs the line between a recreational and touring board. With a slender, pointed nose, the Wing cuts through the water more akin to a kayak, and is much better at keeping heading, and gliding after each paddle, than a traditional round-nosed paddle-board. While gaining performance, the Wing does not sacrifice stability when not moving, as can often be the case with more streamlines touring boards.

Finishing off the deck, the Wing offers paddlers a couple leash points, bungee tie-downs front and back for keeping your gear secure, a comfortably traction pad that won’t tear up your feet, and a sturdy integrated handle you can grab from either side for carrying the board. It also comes with a fin for tracking. Overall, the Wing offers a forgiving board for those getting into the sport, but also one that doesn’t hinder an experienced paddler, and certainly one that beginners will not quickly outgrow in skill.

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